Grant permissions to your Production AWS Accounts that are revoked automatically after a certain time period, all with an approval flow

How does production access work today ?

Your engineers ask you for permissions via slack or email or JIRA 

You go to the AWS IAM console and give them the necessary permissions.

The user still continues to have permissions he no longer needs once his task his done. This increases the attack surface area for a malicious attacker.

How does Classicops change it ?

Users request for permissions when they require it, for a specified time period

You approve the request.

We grant them access and revoke it when the time period finishes.

Also provided as a Self Hosted offering

Our platform can be hosted on infrastructure you own, which means you don’t have to outsource your IAM.


Built for enterprises from the ground up by experienced cloud engineers

Principle of least privilege

Assign permissions only when requested for and ensuring that they are automatilcally revoked when no longer required.

No long term credentials

Do away with long term credentials and provide your users temporary credentials to login to AWS console.

Easier Auditing

Since permissions are granted only when requested and are revoked automatically after a set time duration, your auditing compliance become easier.

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